Wednesday, 4 January 2012

It's going to be a very Tim Burton's year...

The Magic of Tim Burton's Frankenweenie

 Before Batman, before Beetlejuice, before Eds Scissorhands and Wood, came Frankenweenie. Tim Burton's 1984 comic riff on Frankenstein, about a boy who resurrects his dead dog, was originally intended as a stop-motion animation feature until budgetary constraints compressed it into a live-action short. Today, however, thanks to those aforementioned hits, plus stop-motion successes The Nightmare Before Christmas (and yes, Henry Selick fans, we know your man actually directed it) and Corpse Bride, Burton's practically synonymous with whimsical fantasy and handmade animation; all of which means that, nearly 30 years on, he finally gets to reanimate his own, er, pet project.


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