Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Andy Garcia Joins Dark Light Pictures as a Commercial Director

HOLLYWOOD—Andy Garcia has signed with Dark Light Pictures for representation as a commercial director. In his debut with the company, Garcia has directed a campaign for Whirlpool and Buenos Aires agency Madre that will air across Latin America and South America.
Although best known for his work in front of the camera, Garcia has a number of credits as a director in television and film, the latter including The Lost City, a 2005 film (in which he also starred) about a Cuban nightclub owner whose family becomes embroiled in the violent transition from the dictator Bautista to Fidel Castro. His alliance with Dark Light, however, marks his first foray as a director of commercials.
Dark Light Pictures executive producer Vince Arcaro believes that Garcia has great potential as a commercial director. “Andy has had an opportunity to work with and learn from many great directors—Francis Ford Coppola, Sydney Lumet—and cinematographers—Gordon Willis, Conrad Hall Sr.,” observes Arcaro. “He is a very seasoned director who brings a lot of knowledge, experience and creativity to the set.”
In addition to directing the campaign for Whirlpool, Garcia also acts in the commercials, playing all of the parts. The commercials offer humorous takes on common family situations and show how Whirlpool appliances help people enjoy life more. In two of the spots, Garcia plays a mother and a father engaged in kitchen and laundry chores. In a third spot, he plays a father and son planning a Mother’s Day gift. The campaign features the tagline “Better homes. Better lives.”

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