Monday, 21 November 2011

McDonald’s to Launch McTV

 McDonald’s is launching McDonald’s Channel, a digital network of exclusive original content targeted at dine-in customers. This innovation is being rolled out over the next few months and is targeted to run in over 800 restaurants.
“The intention is to catch and engage the customer, and then enhance their experience,” said Leland Edmondson, founder of ChannelPort, the company that will be spearheading this venture. The target audience is expected to reach between18 and 20 million people a month.
About eight minutes an hour will be devoted to advertising, while McDonald’s ad participation will be only a minute and a half, says Edmondson. “This network is not intended to be all about McDonald’s. It is all about the consumer.” Viewers can expect to see content such as profiles of local high school and college athletes; special stories on local moms juggling home life with careers in sports, and of course regular items such as music, fashion, art, night life, lifestyle and cultural news.

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